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What’s in Your Daily Slice of Spam? Bitdefender Digs In to [ ... ]

ALERTS, 02 May 2012
Just as the original spam – the tinned meat of 50 years ago - prompted people to wonder just what [...]
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Scammers Blur Lines Between Pinterest and Facebook

SOCIAL NETWORKS, 18 April 2012
Fake free Pinterest Visa gift card giveaway on Facebook, linked webpage hosts unsafe content
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New Email Scam “Phishing” For Your Yahoo Credentials

MISCELLANEOUS, 18 April 2012
A new email phishing scam has just been reported and it looks like it’s going for your Yahoo [...]
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Facebook-Style Scam on Pinterest Leads Users … Back to [ ... ]

SOCIAL NETWORKS, 17 April 2012
Pin promises exclusive Bieber XXX tape, links to classic Facebook sex-themed scam
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Ransomware Encrypts Files of Users of File-Sharing [ ... ]

ALERTS, 18 April 2012
Scammers Accuse Users of Harboring Illicit Programs, Alter Extensions, And Turn Icons Pink
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Scammers Suck the Data Out of Twilight Fans on Facebook [ ... ]

SOCIAL NETWORKS, 06 April 2012
Scam announces free ticket giveaway, collects Twilight Saga fans’ personal data
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‘Polymorphic’ Facebook Scam Attacks from Different Angle [ ... ]

SOCIAL NETWORKS, 05 April 2012
Complex attack promises leaked sex video, delivers morphed payload through poisoned browser [...]
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Scammers Launch Paid Facebook Ad Campaign to Target [ ... ]

SOCIAL NETWORKS, 02 April 2012
Internet scammers have launched a paid advertising campaign on Facebook targeting Pinterest fans, [...]
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Haters and Zombies Inc. NOW on a Social Network Close to [ ... ]

SOCIAL NETWORKS, 22 March 2012
Scammers put their philosophical shoes back on with fugit irreparabile timeline and mortem [...]
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New `Mousetrap Trojan’ Steals Your Money by Chain Reaction

ALERTS, 22 March 2012
New script downloads an applet, that downloads a downloader Trojan, that downloads a banker Trojan, [...]
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New phishing scam targets Italy’s post office

ALERTS, 19 March 2012
When crooks keep your books, online card accounts can cost more than you signed up for
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Someone’s Heaps (of Likes) DO LIE

SOCIAL NETWORKS, 19 March 2012
Leaked sex tape craze on Facebook goes waka waka on Shakira
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FBI busts two scareware gangs as part of global operation [ ... ]

An international effort, coordinated by the FBI, has successfully nabbed two scareware cyber-crime [...]
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Dissolution of Hacker Group Might Not End Attacks

Facing increasing pressure from law enforcement agencies over its brazen computer attacks, the [...]
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European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal [ ... ]

Ministers want Europe-wide legal net for cybercrookery
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